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Reviews from Adopters

Thank you Miss Mary for our cats. We proudly own three now, all came from you. I can't explain how much they mean to us. These cats are uniquely special, each with their own amazing personality. Thank you for adding such joy in our lives with these amazing creatures!!!

-Victoria L.
pretty review
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I adopted Pretty (formerly Vicki) via Mary in November 2016. As someone who dreamed of owning a Sphynx since high school, Mary made sure to answer all my questions (I had a lot)  & ensure I was prepared to bring her home. From the minute I met Pretty, I could tell that she was more than just a pet or dollar sign to Mary. Pretty (and all of Mary’s kittens) were well-socialized and loved being pet/held at my visit. Even after I brought her home, Mary made it clear that I could call her anytime with questions or concerns (which I did on several occasions.) Today, Pretty is a healthy 7 year old who recently received a clean bill of health at the vet (including her heart which is functioning excellently, a common concern for Sphynx owners.) She is my absolute best friend. I could honestly never thank Mary enough for bringing her into my life.


When my son left home for college I turned to Mary for a new companion. I named my baby Lucifer, he is turning 5. Everyday I brush his teeth and wash his face. He takes baths i clean his ears and I cut his nails. He sleeps next to me every night. I love him.


- Jennifer


Hello Mary,

here's a little story on Zipporah Rose Flower along with 2 news pix.  
Ahh, What a darling this cat is!  Zipporah Rose Flower is my 6th Sphynx.  She has the be the most lovable, and comical Sphynx I have ever had.  My other Sphynx were great, but Zipporah stays glued to me about every moment.  She is very vocal and will answer you when talking to her.  As you walk through the house , she will run ahead of you., then whirl around facing you, then wiggle her backside like she is daring you to come any closer. In the evening as my husband is laying on our couch watching TV and I am sitting in my recliner, Zipporah will run from one of us to the other.  She will give my husband 15 minutes and the jump down and get on me, cuddling up on my shoulder and proceeds to wash my face and neck.  I have noticed most female Sphynx, like washing your face and the males love rubbing on men's beards.  I have never had a male Sphynx who would groom a person. She loves sitting on our 'screened in front porch' when it's warm outside with my other cats.  

Zipporah Rose Flower is special.  We love her.  by: Zahra Wagoner


I adopted Elowyn 6 months ago, aka Jolene. This dear cat is the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever enjoyed being a parent of. My husband is allergic to cats, but my heart needed a pet. We agreed on a hypoallergenic cat.  I found Mary, who was not a scam-there are many out there-visited her and came home with this sweet baby. She has grown into a hunter/stalker, loves to attack and “kill” her prey. She will play 20hr a day, and much of it I must be involved. She has a huge personality and a lot to say, everyday. These dear, sweet cats need a lot of love and interaction everyday. I have been pleased to see her grow, and become her own person, opinions and all. I know Mary has a huge heart, and will find good matches for her cats.

Cyndi G.

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